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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

90 Second Tennis Cash Review

90 Second Tennis Cash
After a lot of successful stories and reviews that I saw about 90  Second Tennis Cash system I was curious if that is really true.  Tennis betting could be the easiest and most profitable way to  make extra money. A lot of people asking every single day if it's  possible to make living betting on sports. Tennis is single sport and bookmakers seem to have trouble controlling it. A tennis match  can have one of only two results there, can be no draw or tie like  in soccer and other similar sports and one of only two players can win. So, chances to win are 50% and not 33% if we count draw in soccer.

90 second tennis cash system is created by Chris Campbell who start making quite a bit of money betting on tennis after fumbling with different strategies. Some time after, he had a small  group of people paying him money monthly for his tennis picks. He felt his strategy was easy, his clients could do it themselves. He says his system is the easiest and most profitable way to make a  living money.

How "90 second tennis cash" system makes $1,357.19 daily for past 9  years

90 second tennis cash system guarantees that you only need 90 seconds of your time to see which player is most likely to win. Unlike other betting systems, this one does not require you to analyze or compute anything. There are just two rules you should  follow in picking winners and you can place your bets right away. You only need to trust the system to easily make money out of tennis betting. Outstanding strike rate over the past 9 years with over 78% of all bets. That’s around 8 out of 10 winning and returning a nice  profit.

Please Click Here if you’re looking for the official site.

What do you get when you purchase the 90 Second Tennis Cash Betting System?
An E-book which comes in a downloadable PDF document, which includes how to place bets, picking tennis selections etc.

How simple is this system?

This betting system is very simple, you don't need any practical  knowledge, no need to work long hours and do not have to take any risks? You also don’t have to do past performance to checks the player, you don’t have to follow a trend analysis or do other math calculations like you do in other sports. The only thing is important to follow two simple rules to pick winners which makes the system so easy. Chris suggests when you are first starting out to do paper bets, writing down your bets and keeping track of them, until you are ready to put down money, even a small bets as possible. Which is great advice to starting out with any betting system.

Recommended bookmakers
Betus.com (Accepts US residents)
Most Non-US based bookmakers do not accept US clients because US gambling law disapproves of US residents betting with Non-US based bookmakers. But US residents can bet with Betus.com. You can also bet with ANY bookmaker you want but simply use bet365.com to work out your bets. Bet365.com clearly states what round a match is and is also very easy to use. So use it to work out your bets and bet anywhere you like.

Example : Tennis coupon at Bet365
That's all what You need

Money back guarantee
The product is available in the Clickbank Marketplace what means you have full 60 day money back guarantee that you will love this product or you can get your money back.

Let's test the system - click here

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sports Betting Reinvented Review

Sports Betting Reinvented Review
Sports Betting Reinvented is new revolutionary sports betting service that offer picks for the baseball and hockey. The reason they say that it's not a "betting system" is that the way they go about sports betting is completely different than anything else out there.

There's a lot behind the picks they're putting out every day. Not only they are using a proprietary algorithm for generating the very best picks in the industry but they're also combining their odds reversal method together with the best money management technique around and everything is reflected in the picks they're providing.

Sports Betting Reinvented approaching sports betting as a real business and they've used proven business principles in developing a way of beating sports books at their own game.

Others concentrate almost exclusively on the picks. They're 2 steps ahead of that with the odds reversal and the clever money management they're using.

Sounds very business and professional, right? Let's look inside the membership page.

Sports Betting Reinvented - members AreaMembers will learn to use their money management as a part of it to go along with the picks to make sure everybody is profitable when using the picks.
There are two different subscriptions Daily Pick Subscription which is free first 3 weeks and then it will become a $147/month and SkyROIcket Subscription there is an added aspect of money management with which boost the ROI even higher. Both of them are using the same single daily pick that comes out from algorithm. 

 - Daily Pick Subscription ($147)
- SkyROIcket ($197)

How to follow the service?
It's easy. Just login on Sports Betting Reinvented and you will see pick(s) and suggested stake(s). Picks are available on the website at least 12 hours before the start of the game. 

If you have any questions about service owners replay very fast.

Sign in here for first 3 weeks for free or check my trial of the service to see real results.

Added note: After 90 days of tracking Sports Betting Reinvented I got amazing results. I started with a suggested bankroll of $3000 and after 3 months my bankroll increased to $7177 (ROI 139%). If I take my subscription for this 90 days 3*$147 the profit is still great. 4177 - 147 - 147 -147 = $3736 net profit.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor Review

sportsbettingprofessor.comRich Allen Sports Betting Professor is a statistics based betting system which gives bettors a winning edge. Rich Allen Sports Betting Professor is based on statistical analysis of the outcome of games when certain criteria is met.

Usually when you hear about a system like this there is some kind of catch, but this is not the case with this sports betting system. This system is based on a true statistical analysis of over 20 years of results meaning ongoing profitability is extremely likely.

Who is Rich Allen? Rich Allen is a simple guy who lost his bets for years but hired a statistics professor to run a statistical regression that can pick winners. He has uncovered some favorable point spreads, as well as numbers you should stay away from. Rich presents an easy to follow, easy to stick to, truly effective approach to winning sports bets and it completely eliminates the complexity of many other popular gambling strategies that don’t really work or that result in very minimal improvements.

I tried NBA Basketball for 5$ first month because Rich Allen guarantee that you will finish the season winning over 90% of your bets. I follow both his strategies, system picks and I follow all his picks. But he lied, he had even better result(97.7%). I was delighted with picks and results. His NBA picks produce the best results I ever seen. Nobody can hit over 60% in any sports but Rich has 127 wins, 62 losses and 2 ties (67.2% winning percentage) with average odds per pick 1.90(American -111)in season 2009-2010 and his system (only the progression plays) - 84 wins 2 losses (97.7% winning percentage).

In the first two weeks I have earned money following system with low stakes(10-20$) that I could now afford lifetime picks.

Look at his last NBA seasons.
2006-07 Season: 140 W - 75 L
2007-08 Season: 150 W - 79 L
2008-09 Season: 138 W - 71 L
2009-10 Season: 127 W - 62 L
2010-11 Season:  76 W - 63 L
2011-12 Season:  59 W - 43 L

As you can see the results are incredible.

How to choose picks? His guide will help you better understand how you can make better and wiser picks even if you have zero knowledge of betting or if you have zero knowledge of sports in general. This guide will also help you understand what you need to do to win even if you are poor in math or statistics. In his guide you will see the point spread numbers that return much higher winning percentage.

But don't worry if you will not understand all, Rich sends you the picks each day by email so there is not guess work and his support is incredible as he answers all emails personally.

How many NBA picks you can expect each day? 2-4 in regular season and then 1-2 in playoff. For betting on NBA you would really need just a few minutes each day and a tiny amount of investment.

The SB Professor is designed to win your targeted dollar winnings in the shortest time possible. If you are a serious sports bettor or just looking to make a few bucks during the NBA season then you should definitely be adding The Sports Betting Professor because this program is a must. You also will receive NFL(20-0 WL chase system picks), NCAAF and MLB system in this package.

Honestly his MLB is not good. All this years I didn't earn money but nether lose. I am also not NCAA fan but I heart that it's not bad at all. Later I started to follow NFL in season 2010-11 and I was surprised with results. I even don't know the rules and I never watched NFL match in my life but I won money in my first season.

NFL 2010-11 Season: 33 W - 25 L
NFL 2011-12 Season: 34 W - 16 L

Well guys I just wanted to share my experience with this great sports betting system.